NEWS AWARDS ARTIST SHOP CONTACT EXHIBITIONS GALLERY MAIN WELCOME Welcome to Acrylic Armor; Acrylic Armor is an online exhibition of artwork  relating to geo-political  and military historical  significant events.   Artwork shown is created and owned by  Acrylic Armor Arts.
Acrylic Armorís booth at the Des Moines Art Festival	6/26/15
Prints being made for selected galleries 6/30/15 
Prints are being made for purchase in selected galleries in  Des Moines and Chicage for late summer.
Acrylic Armor Arts is a trademark; 2014 a A NEXT TOURING ART EXHIBITION    Acrylic Armor Arts    More Exhibitions coming  in 2016. Acrylic Armorís booth was shown at the Des Moines Art Festival and was apart of the  Emerging Iowa Artists booths where paintings were shown and sold. NEWS